I’ll See You In The Trees

Sometimes it seems like we’re always posting about those of us who’ve left us, but it’s important to us to give them whatever little space we can here, because they make up so much of who we are and what influences us. With that said, last night we lost a true gem — Little Jimmy Scott. His story is a wonderful and interesting one: he was popular in the 40’s and 50’s, but faded almost completely in the 60’s. His renaissance occurred in the 90’s after Lou Reed saw him perform... Read The Rest →

Adventure Peaks

We’re so, so in love with these Adventure Time x Twin Peaks mashups that have been making the internet rounds recently. Two of our favorites! First image by Kate Willaert, and the second two are by Mentalguy. Speaking of Twin Peaks, we might have a little Twin Peaks announcement of our own in the next few days. Maybe. Possibly. All things Twin Peaks must remain mysterious, of course.

Happy Twin Peaks Day!

“Like every town you’ve ever seen. And no place you’ve ever known.” 23 years ago today the first episode of Twin Peaks aired on ABC. We love these original TV Guide advertisements for the show, they are so perfectly Lynch and its always so interesting to see how something as esoteric and bizarre as Twin Peaks is “promoted” or “marketed”. More below. Best line? “P.S. – She’s still dead.” More from our Twin Peaks obsessed selves: A Very Twin Peaks Christmas Black Lodge 2600 Fire Walk With Me Event /... Read The Rest →

Black Lodge 2600

It might be apparent, but we’re big big fans of Twin Peaks at Recspec HQ (see: the photos from our Twin Peaks dress-up party commemorating the 25 year anniversary of Laura Palmer’s death). So it probably goes without saying that I almost had a heart attack when I saw the above image, and of course immediately thought that it was a real physical object, until I checked the copyright date at the bottom. A little more research uncovered that Jak Locke has created the game as a sort of love letter... Read The Rest →

Not sure who to be at Fire Walk With Me?

Our party, Fire Walk With Me, is exactly two weeks away, so we thought we’d try to give you a little inspiration as to who you should dress up as if you’re unsure. We’ve made it so you can be any character from any Lynch movie, so the possibilities are really endless. Here’s some ideas for your perusal & ways to get the look, first from Twin Peaks: Coming bludgeoned, wrapped in plastic, or dead, is always an easy route What you need to get The Look: plastic, a psychotic... Read The Rest →

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