Alien Languages and Musical Portals: NMASS 2014

As we mentioned last month — we love the Church of The Friendly Ghost. We’re lucky enough here in Austin, Texas to have a thriving music community (obviously), even for those of us whose music tastes veer a bit to the experimental and weird side of the spectrum. The Church of The Friendly Ghost is a safe haven for just that, encouraging and cultivating artists and musicians in the community that intentionally colour outside of the lines. That’s why, when they asked us to make their collectable silkscreen poster for this... Read The Rest →

NMASS 2014: Help the Friendly Ghosties!

Recspec loves the Church of The Friendly Ghost — an Austin run organization that helps cultivate and encourage experimental music and experiential art through nearly weekly events, normally held at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre. We’ve been involved in their organization basically since we’ve been in Austin, doing video projections for shows, volunteering at events, and we even had the pleasure of creating the branding for the 2012 incarnation of their yearly festival, NMASS (the New Media Art and Sound Summit). NMASS is the yearly culmination of their weekly events in one three day... Read The Rest →

Matmos Calling

There are few things more pleasing in my line of work than getting to create designs for some of my favorite musicians (see: Fennesz), so when I was approached by Henna of Church of The Friendly Ghost (who I have worked with many times in the past, most specifically for NMASS), about creating a poster for the upcoming Matmos show at The North Door, I could barely contain my glee. A band like Matmos is a particularly intimidating beast to design for — so I just went for full-on crazy glitchy... Read The Rest →

NMASS 2012

We’ve had the pleasure of designing most of the collateral for this year’s NMASS (New Media Art And Sound Summit) Fest, presented by Church of the Friendly Ghost. What has come to be known in Austin as “The Church” or “The Ghosts” — COTFG consists of a small group who put together and curate semi-weekly experimental and sonic events, usually at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre. We’ve always loved what they do and were excited to work with them on a full suite of design for NMASS. This year’s fest features Jandek, Daniel... Read The Rest →

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