Recspec is an Austin, Texas based graphic and web design studio who works with clients locally, nationally and internationally. The best way to determine if Recspec is a good fit for your project is to send us a message describing what your project goals are and we’ll respond with how we think we can help you reach them.

Some examples of the services we provide are:

Brand Development  Development of every aspect of your branding including logo design, style guides and assorted collateral

Web Design — WordPress development and e-commerce solutions using Shopify, Big Cartel, and more

Print Design  Promotional materials, editorial layouts, business cards, catalogs, media kits, album design, apparel and more. Digital, offset, letterpress and screen printing resources available.

Packaging and Environment Design  Everything from storefront signage and interior design to packaging for physical goods

Social Media and Marketing  Social media maintenance, presence & integration and grassroots marketing techniques

Live Video Projections for events and video production for short films, music videos, and immersive art

Boutique/Conceptual Events and DJing



I don’t live in the Austin, Texas area – can we still work together?

Recspec works with many clients on a national and international level and can handle all client needs via e-mail and phone. Geography does not limit our client base in any way.

What are your rates?

Please contact us directly with a description of your project to get a quote. We have a rate sheet for the most common projects that we work on and will be more than happy to send it to you. We require a 50% deposit to get started on all projects.

Are you available for new projects? 

We’re always open and excited to work with new clients and on new projects. Our availability depends on our current work load and we may need up to one month to start on new projects. Please contact us to find out our current availability.

How long will it take for you to complete my project?

Each project scope is different, but we will determine set goals before we start on the project with you. Each project comes with a set amount of revisions  starting with a first round of options, then allowing for revisions to take place based on client feedback. Most revisions after the initial round of designs take around one week to complete, with the normal number of revisions being 3. The initial round of ideas usually takes longer to complete, as this is the stage that the most research and base ideas for the project are formed and created.

Will I get full usage rights?

It depends on the project and it’s use. For branding and logo design, we typically have a contract that will hand over full usage rights from designer to client upon receipt of full payment. Please keep in mind that the project cost will also be determined by the scope of usage (i.e., a show poster that will only be used for promotion for one month vs. a logo that will have much broader usage for an amount of time into perpetuity).

I have more questions! 

We would be more than happy to answer them! Drop us a line.


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