Promethean Waltz with Ponytrap




We’ve been pretty silent on this here blog while we’ve been busy finishing up our new website (so close!) but we just had to make a post about this great event that we’re a part of – which is happening Sunday, January 24th (less than two weeks away!).

Take it away, press release:

Ponytrap’s enthralling mix of classical and industrial music provides the foundation for Promethean Waltz, a new theatrical production that tells the story of a search for meaningful connection in a world overrun by technology. The performance will combine video projection, new music, and robotics to create a groundbreaking and interactive theatrical experience.

We’ll be there, doing our live video projection thing, that has been carefully crafted and prepared for this specific event, and might be our best yet. You can get your tickets here, and view the event details here. And check out the trailers for the night below!


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