Promethean Waltz with Ponytrap

    We’ve been pretty silent on this here blog while we’ve been busy finishing up our new website (so close!) but we just had to make a post about this great event that we’re a part of – which is happening Sunday, January 24th (less than two weeks away!). Take it away, press release: Ponytrap’s enthralling mix of classical and industrial music provides the foundation for Promethean Waltz, a new theatrical production that tells the story of a search for meaningful connection in a world overrun by technology. The... Read The Rest →

Visual Magic and Exploded Drawings

We were thrilled and super honored to be invited to do guest visuals at the next installment of Exploded Drawing, this Friday! In their own words: Exploded Drawing is an organization based in Austin whose aim is to elevate the electronic music community in Texas by encouraging creativity and stimulating conversation among electronic artists and listeners. At each Exploded Drawing session, six new beat makers, sound collectors, and electronic composers are given a platform to perform their original work for an open minded audience. Originality is encouraged and will be... Read The Rest →

Adventure Peaks

We’re so, so in love with these Adventure Time x Twin Peaks mashups that have been making the internet rounds recently. Two of our favorites! First image by Kate Willaert, and the second two are by Mentalguy. Speaking of Twin Peaks, we might have a little Twin Peaks announcement of our own in the next few days. Maybe. Possibly. All things Twin Peaks must remain mysterious, of course.

Early Movements

Dangerous Minds posted some of these earlier which sent us down the rabbit hole of the Phenakistoscope, Thaumatrope, and other forms of early movement and animation (one of our favorites is Eadweard Muybridge, whose work we’ve used in our video projections before). Since DM already did such a good job explaining, we’ll just quote them here: “Phenakistoscope” was the term favored by a Belgian inventor named Joseph Plateau. (The term “phenakistoscope” comes from the Greek phenakizein, meaning “to deceive.”) Plateau’s idea was to put 10 images or so around a circular plate, each... Read The Rest →

The Light in Your Eyes: Recspec Video Projections in July

We were just looking at our calendar and realized how many shows we’re doing projections for this month and decided to put together a little guide for our visual prestidigitations. For those of you who are not aware, while our main focus here at Recspec HQ is graphic, print, and web design, we also love film and working with video. Our main motion output is video projections for events and bands – everything from dance parties to metal showcases to experimental soundscapes have benefitted from our video tomfoolery, and its a great exercise in improvisation (we... Read The Rest →


  We’re incredibly honored (and nervous) to be included in the upcoming PROTOS Digital Art & Prototyping Festival, presented by AMODA (Austin Museum of Digital Art). It’s their first full-fledged festival, happening from May 23rd through the 26th, at the Long Center Rollins Theatre. It’s four days packed to the brim with presenters and performers, covering everything from gaming development to visual design to video projections and live dance. And, best of all, the day presentations are all free! You can come see me (Laurel) shake from nerves and sputter... Read The Rest →

Happy Twin Peaks Day!

“Like every town you’ve ever seen. And no place you’ve ever known.” 23 years ago today the first episode of Twin Peaks aired on ABC. We love these original TV Guide advertisements for the show, they are so perfectly Lynch and its always so interesting to see how something as esoteric and bizarre as Twin Peaks is “promoted” or “marketed”. More below. Best line? “P.S. – She’s still dead.” More from our Twin Peaks obsessed selves: A Very Twin Peaks Christmas Black Lodge 2600 Fire Walk With Me Event /... Read The Rest →

Endangered Love Suite

Men are climbing to the moon but they don’t seem interested in the beating human heart Two video posts in a row! Our music video for Reaganometry‘s amazing 8-minute Endangered Love Suite is now finished. When Butch Webster of Insect Records approached us about creating this video, the only cues he gave were the colors red and blue, water, and a woman’s face. Listening to the song over and over and thinking about endangered love, we kept thinking of beautiful Marilyn, so gorgeous, so misunderstood, so smart, and wrapped up in all kinds of endangered love,... Read The Rest →

Red Ox Rises

We had the pleasure of being at and filming the first song of the first ever Red Ox show, which is our favorite new local band and made up of four of the most talented musicians in Austin: Jacob Green, Justin Sweatt (aka Xander Harris), Lee Dockery, and Michael Cockrell (aka Jezzebeam). Of course, that was in December, and its now February, but we took our time because we wanted to add some texture and visual interest to the video since we shot it on the fly on our phone... Read The Rest →

The Color of Pomegranates

The last Sunday of this month marks our third and final (for now) film in our Fall Film Series with Charm School Vintage, and we’ve saved one of the most visually decadent and lush films for last. We chose The Color of Pomegranates (Sayat Nova) not only because it is an amazing and moving film, but because of how visual it is, every scene looks like it could be a painting, and every detail has obviously been thoroughly chosen and thought out by Sergei Parajanov down to every stitch of every piece of clothing. Its rich,... Read The Rest →

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