Every Day Things / Instagramming Inspiration

It’s been far too long since we’ve done an Every Day Things post, so I thought I’d do a little round up of some of the design inspiration we’ve been capturing around Austin and via instagram lately. We love keeping an eye out for little bits of typography and flashes of design out in the world that inspire the projects that we’re working on or even just make us think about design and the way it’s used differently. Follow us on Instagram for more — we’ve been on a roll lately!... Read The Rest →

All That Sparkles: 12th Night Austin 2014

12th Night is upon us once again, and we hope you’ll join us tomorrow night to dance through the streets of East Austin and shake off those winter blues. As we wrote about the tradition leading up to our first (amazing, beautiful) year of 12th night: “This is your chance to shake off the winter doldrums, gather together your krewe, and celebrate with your community. Austin is ripe for a new tradition and you can help us bring some New Orleans cheer and old world magic to this city.” Last... Read The Rest →

Christmas on The Moon

It’s that time of the year again, where the temperatures drop, the stars shine a little brighter, and somehow even surrounded with people, we often feel a little bit more removed and alone. What would Christmas feel like on the Moon? Desolation, longing, quietude, and triumph. We’ve walked up there, on that big glowing orb. A Christmas up there would be lonely, but beautiful. The Earth shining in the distance like a glittering gift. Here at Recspec HQ we like to have fun with the Christmas season, last year we... Read The Rest →

Between the Sea and The Stars

We’re not sure why we’re so late in posting about this — but November of last year we got married! And of course, a wedding of a graphic designer means that there were many things to design, and while we have already posted them in our portfolio, we realized that we hadn’t yet mentioned them here on the blog as well. It was a small wedding on the coast with friends, super no-frills, and it was exactly what we wanted. Next to the sea, inspired by the stars, perfect. Love! Our... Read The Rest →

New Traditions

We’ve been meaning to write about 12th Night Austin ever since it happened – and we’re just now getting a chance to sit down and really process how amazing that evening was. It was estimated that we might have had over 700 (!!) people in the parade and it truly was a night to remember. The costumes, the joy, the krewes, the dancing, the party, the king cake, everything was so amazing that its overwhelming to take it all in, even after the fact! Thank you so, so much to... Read The Rest →

For the Love of Lovejoys

On August 5th, Lovejoys, an Austin institution that has been open for over two decades, opened its doors to the public for the last time. Lovejoys has been our favorite watering hole (and really, only bar that we would ever really frequent) for the entirety of the time that we’ve been in Austin, and it closing has left a big fez-shaped hole in our hearts. That might seem dramatic, but its true, and anyone who has been to this well worn spot is sure to understand: the nights of dominoes with friends,... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / Abrasive Cord

Every Day Things are our (semi) regular posts featuring little items we find and are struck by the design of. In an old tool box of Dave’s Grandmother’s, we found this “Abrasive Cord” spool – I love the cool green (a color you just don’t see used all that much any more), and the sparse, but well thought out typography. Perfect quotation marks, double lines, and just the right amount of thought makes it classic and inspiring. I especially love the circular top design with the No. 50 split by... Read The Rest →

Faint Dreams Creeping

Besides the Show No Mercy day party, the other highlight of our SXSW was getting to see Chelsea Wolfe and her band perform live. Her music is a mix of haunting folk, deep doom, and delicate electronics, which all come together to produce some incredibly dark and beautiful music. SXSW is a strange time for those of us who live in Austin, where suddenly our town is overrun with more amazing musicians than we could ever possibly see – so I was really really glad I was able to catch... Read The Rest →

Show No Mercy X Recspec

Whew! SXSW is over, and now that the dust has settled we can take a little look back on one crazy, crazy week. Definitely one of the best parts of it for us was getting to do the projections for Pitchfork‘s Show No Mercy day party at ND – with Pallbearer, Pilgrim, Black Tusk, The Atlas Moth and much much more. It was amazing, and heavy, and everything you would expect from a show put together by Show No Mercy. It was definitely the best metal showcase we’d ever been... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / Firework Love

Happy 2012, everyone! We followed our yearly tradition and stocked up over the holidays on fireworks for the rest of the year (or at least until the 4th of July!). One of the main things I love about fireworks are the classic packages, the weird typography and illustrations, and the bright colored cardboard sleeves. Here’s a few of our favorites from the last batch, part of our collection of the inspiring designs of Every Day Things. The design of this one isn’t that cool (haha, get it?), but my goodness... Read The Rest →

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