Recspec at A Conversation With Creative Professionals

Laurel will be on the panel for the MASS Gallery + Girl’s Guild event: A Conversation With Creative Professionals this coming Tuesday, July 8th. Description and information are below and we hope to see you there!   Are you considering choosing a creative area of study, but you’re not sure how it could evolve into a career? Do you think that meeting some local creative professionals would help you realize the range of possibilities within this field of work? If so, please join MASS Gallery and Girls Guild as we present a panel discussion... Read The Rest →

Cool Temperatures, Clear Skies, Star Gazing

We use the different seasons as excuses to design seasonal graphics, like the one above. Sometimes its good to take a step away from client work to play and experiment with something just for the sake of doing it. We just spent a glorious week at the beach (more on that later), beach combing for jellyfish, listening to the waves, burning bonfires and contemplating the stars – which I’m sure was the inspiration for this. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our Fall Film Series with... Read The Rest →

Best Meshes of an Afternoon, Evening, or Dead of Night

Well good gotdang, y’all… we got a Best of Austin award from the Austin Chronicle today! We’re super honored and flattered, and they even mentioned the three things that we love doing the most: design, DJing, and video projections. In their words: Sure, we love the clean lines and cool twists of graphic designer Laurel Barickman’s print and website projects, from Ume to the ND, from Her Space Holiday to Holy Mountain. And not much sets us more afloat than her (soon-to-be) hubby David Milner’s cheeky Yacht Rock-themed DJ nights.... Read The Rest →

Summer of Recspec

Hello, fellow humans, from Recspec HQ. We’ve had a busy busy summer so far, and are trying to push through this gruesome Texas heat as best we can – mostly by taking frequent breaks and dips in our kiddie pool. That’s right, we said kiddie pool. 109 degrees and you stop questioning the sanity of kiddie pool dips. The main piece of news in the Recspec world is our brand new food trailer – Johnnye’s – is now open! We are located on the East side of Austin, Texas in... Read The Rest →

People ____ us on Yelp.

One of our clients requested that we set up a Yelp page so that she could leave us a review and the reviews we’ve gotten since then from many of you have been so wonderful and heart-bursty nice… thank you!! You can read our reviews on our Yelp page here. We only wish we could leave reviews for all of our stellar clients and collaborators too, who make us so grateful and full of love for what we do every single day. Recspec loves you!

New Site Goes Boom + A Giveaway

Yay! Hooray! Behind the scenes we’ve been working diligently on a new redesign, and here it is — our very own big bang of sorts! If you’ve visited the site in the past week you might have seen a holding pattern, or even a glimpse of the new site, but now its here in all its glory, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re so excited that we want to share some of that excitement with you, by offering a little give away — all you need to do to enter... Read The Rest →

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is in full swing here in Austin, and we’ve given a little spring cleaning as a result. We’ve added more posters to the design section, updated our identity block, added a couple of websites, and shirts! Last year was a busy one, so its nice to reflect that on the site properly. We’re gearing up to eventually switch everything over to WordPress sometime this year, but for now just a little buff and shine will do. And our drunk flowers above are making us very happy. They make... Read The Rest →

Recspec Tangibles Dept.

Exciting stuff! We’ve got some new things for your walls + wears for sale in our shop. First, we’ve decided to print and sell some of our most popular posters from the last year (and some older than that), and will hopefully continue to make these series for sale each year. You can buy them individually, or the whole series at a discounted rate. This is what we’re really excited about, though… It’s our first Recspec shirt! After being in business for 5 years, we’ve finally designed and made a... Read The Rest →

How To Tie a Knot

Psssst. Guess what? We’re now engaged! We look forward to seeing how Recspec will grow and evolve with us on this crazy journey of life, and are happy to share the adventures we have had and will have with you all. Thank you for all of the support from our friends and family — Recspec phase marriage: commence! (Well, not right away, but you get the idea.) Xoxo, Lau + Dave (Recspec)

The Recspec Sounds of Summer Series

Summer is here! And we’re working on a ton of great projects and new endeavors, but we’ve manage to fit in a couple of fun DJ nights next month between the craziness. We’d love to see you there! The first is on Monday July 11th, where we’re playing with a few friends and co-horts for a sort of free-form DJ night at Beauty Bar. Come by and check out whatever music tickles our fancies, have a drink, and just hang out (facebook event). The lovely miss Honeybee is coming all... Read The Rest →

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