I’ll See You In The Trees

Sometimes it seems like we’re always posting about those of us who’ve left us, but it’s important to us to give them whatever little space we can here, because they make up so much of who we are and what influences us. With that said, last night we lost a true gem — Little Jimmy Scott. His story is a wonderful and interesting one: he was popular in the 40’s and 50’s, but faded almost completely in the 60’s. His renaissance occurred in the 90’s after Lou Reed saw him perform... Read The Rest →

Alien Languages and Musical Portals: NMASS 2014

As we mentioned last month — we love the Church of The Friendly Ghost. We’re lucky enough here in Austin, Texas to have a thriving music community (obviously), even for those of us whose music tastes veer a bit to the experimental and weird side of the spectrum. The Church of The Friendly Ghost is a safe haven for just that, encouraging and cultivating artists and musicians in the community that intentionally colour outside of the lines. That’s why, when they asked us to make their collectable silkscreen poster for this... Read The Rest →

Christmas on The Moon

It’s that time of the year again, where the temperatures drop, the stars shine a little brighter, and somehow even surrounded with people, we often feel a little bit more removed and alone. What would Christmas feel like on the Moon? Desolation, longing, quietude, and triumph. We’ve walked up there, on that big glowing orb. A Christmas up there would be lonely, but beautiful. The Earth shining in the distance like a glittering gift. Here at Recspec HQ we like to have fun with the Christmas season, last year we... Read The Rest →

Linger On

Such a heavy heart over the passing of Lou Reed — Lau was raised listening to him and the Velvet Underground and his songs are on constant rotation at Recspec HQ. He was also someone so crucial to the discovery and popularity of two of our favorite musicians: Antony and Little Jimmy Scott. Such a brilliant and beautiful mind, musician, and man. Linger on, Lou. — If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see I’d put you in a mirror I’d put in front... Read The Rest →

Wishing Light Are On The Rise

Unless you’re new to this blog, you probably know that Recspec loves music and are lucky enough to work with many incredible musicians and awesome record labels. It’s even better when we get to work with musicians who are also good friends, so when we were asked by our pal R. Lee Dockery if we could put together a quick design for his upcoming limited edition cassette on Marmara Records, we were more than happy to oblige. Lee’s music is a mix of deep ambient soundscapes, noise, upright bass, and... Read The Rest →

Between the Sea and The Stars

We’re not sure why we’re so late in posting about this — but November of last year we got married! And of course, a wedding of a graphic designer means that there were many things to design, and while we have already posted them in our portfolio, we realized that we hadn’t yet mentioned them here on the blog as well. It was a small wedding on the coast with friends, super no-frills, and it was exactly what we wanted. Next to the sea, inspired by the stars, perfect. Love! Our... Read The Rest →

Listen To The Night: New Music from Forest Swords

There are no words for the excitement we’re feeling about the new Forest Swords album, Engravings, which is out next month (the 26th to be precise) on Tri Angle records. The first time we heard Forest Sword’s (aka Matthew Barnes’) 2010 album Dagger Paths, it was so familiar and welcoming, but unlike anything else we’d ever heard before — simultaneously unable to be labeled by any particular genre while somehow also including them all. It’s truly an incredible incredible album, and one that never gets old no matter how many times we listen... Read The Rest →

The Light in Your Eyes: Recspec Video Projections in July

We were just looking at our calendar and realized how many shows we’re doing projections for this month and decided to put together a little guide for our visual prestidigitations. For those of you who are not aware, while our main focus here at Recspec HQ is graphic, print, and web design, we also love film and working with video. Our main motion output is video projections for events and bands – everything from dance parties to metal showcases to experimental soundscapes have benefitted from our video tomfoolery, and its a great exercise in improvisation (we... Read The Rest →

Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland: I Just Won’t Forget You

Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland is one of our favorite blues singers of all time, and sadly passed away today. So in remembrance and reverence, here are our two favorite Bobby Bland songs. Heartachingly beautiful and true. Rest well, Bobby Blue. Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland – I’ll Take Care of You Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland – I’ve Just Got To Forget You

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