Listen To The Night: New Music from Forest Swords

There are no words for the excitement we’re feeling about the new Forest Swords album, Engravings, which is out next month (the 26th to be precise) on Tri Angle records. The first time we heard Forest Sword’s (aka Matthew Barnes’) 2010 album Dagger Paths, it was so familiar and welcoming, but unlike anything else we’d ever heard before — simultaneously unable to be labeled by any particular genre while somehow also including them all. It’s truly an incredible incredible album, and one that never gets old no matter how many times we listen... Read The Rest →

Listen To The Night: Nicolas Jaar’s BBC Essential Mix

As is often the case with graphic designers, some nights you find yourself burning the midnight oil, feverishly working on projects, almost super-human in your ability to produce some of your best work in the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe thats just us? Regardless – I’m nothing without my main source of fuel: music. So I’ve started a little segment on this blog to feature the tunes that keep me going late at night, that push me through to daylight and keep me inspired and excited as the... Read The Rest →

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