We’re thrilled to be on for the third time today featuring our ‘Bloom’ design, which mixes some of our favorite things: vintage botanical illustrations, skulls, and moons. And neon green, which is as surprising of a development to us as it is to you. Dsktps is a great resource for high quality mobile and desktop backgrounds by a variety of bad ass artists and photographers, with a new desktop posted every monday. It’s a huge treasure trove of great backgrounds in a sea of mediocrity and pop star backgrounds. Jason‘s... Read The Rest →

Early Movements

Dangerous Minds posted some of these earlier which sent us down the rabbit hole of the Phenakistoscope, Thaumatrope, and other forms of early movement and animation (one of our favorites is Eadweard Muybridge, whose work we’ve used in our video projections before). Since DM already did such a good job explaining, we’ll just quote them here: “Phenakistoscope” was the term favored by a Belgian inventor named Joseph Plateau. (The term “phenakistoscope” comes from the Greek phenakizein, meaning “to deceive.”) Plateau’s idea was to put 10 images or so around a circular plate, each... Read The Rest →

The Helpful Internets:, PlaceIt, Feedly

    Oh internet. So full of time wasting distractions, overwhelming social media obligations, and pictures of really really cute cats (we’re obsessed with Snoopy Babe at the moment). But the internet can also be so helpful at times – with some sites we come across truly being mind-blowing in their usefulness and simplicity, making us think: “thank goodness that someone took the time and care to make such a wonderful and useful tool that I get to use for free.” Here are some helpful internets that we’ve been using... Read The Rest →

Listen To The Night: Nicolas Jaar’s BBC Essential Mix

As is often the case with graphic designers, some nights you find yourself burning the midnight oil, feverishly working on projects, almost super-human in your ability to produce some of your best work in the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe thats just us? Regardless – I’m nothing without my main source of fuel: music. So I’ve started a little segment on this blog to feature the tunes that keep me going late at night, that push me through to daylight and keep me inspired and excited as the... Read The Rest →

I just want to be, Wherever you are

Last night we watched the Arthur Russell documentary, Wild Combination, which was one of the sweetest and saddest and most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever seen. I remember the first time I’d ever heard Arthur’s music — I was certain it was something that had been released within the last year, I couldn’t even begin to wrap my head around the fact that it was from the 70’s/80’s. His music transcends space, time, even death. Eternal, and beautiful – like the ocean that was often his inspiration. Wild Combination captures that... Read The Rest →

On Being Busy

We’re not normally ones to make a whole blog post about something else somewhere else on the internet, but this is a good one – perhaps even essential reading for those of us in the creative industries where there is no real “off” button when it comes to work. We’ve been awfully busy lately over at Recspec HQ, so this article came at the perfect time. We’ve also recently purchased a tiny inflatable pool in the back yard and are now going to hold mandatory “chill out with a beer”... Read The Rest →

The Wonderful World of Maison D’Etoile

Recently we’ve had the very distinct pleasure of being able to work with two incredibly lovely ladies on their websites, who share a wonderful space on the East side of Austin called Maison D’Etoile. The location is also home to a salon, & with Charm School Vintage and Coco Coquette is a one-stop shop for vintage clothing, wigs, makeup, jewelry, and general beautification. First, we completed Shari of Charm School Vintage‘s new site, powered by WordPress. Many of her posts consist of Instagram shots, so the idea of having a grid format... Read The Rest →

Recspec on

We were honored to be featured last week on – a great site run by Jason Krieger, featuring a new Desktop image every Monday. Our desktop is called Five Points and features five birds, five stars, and five points in space. Click above to go to the release page, which where you can download many different resolutions custom built for your different desktop sizes, phones, tablets, etc. And be sure to check out the other releases and even submit one of your own! Thanks for featuring us, Jason!  

Black Lodge 2600

It might be apparent, but we’re big big fans of Twin Peaks at Recspec HQ (see: the photos from our Twin Peaks dress-up party commemorating the 25 year anniversary of Laura Palmer’s death). So it probably goes without saying that I almost had a heart attack when I saw the above image, and of course immediately thought that it was a real physical object, until I checked the copyright date at the bottom. A little more research uncovered that Jak Locke has created the game as a sort of love letter... Read The Rest →

Recspec ♥s Space

Wow, the Universe really is a strange and stunningly beautiful place. Via APOD (Astronomy Picture of The Day), here’s a recent video of some Aurora Borealis near the border of Norway and Russia. The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo. And above, more Aurora Borealis images from APOD (source, click to view full size) taken in Canada last month. Definitely wanting to take a trip north just to stare at the sky now. We also recently saw the Hubble IMAX movie, which was moving and awe-inspiring and comes highly, highly... Read The Rest →

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