The Ladies of La Botánica

We were so pleased when Carla and Olivia of La Botánica asked if we could help them develop a new identity and website to go with the new incarnation of their herbalism business: they recently shifted from having a small retail space to the concept of a Community Supported Herbalism service, where individuals can subscribe to receive a seasonally appropriate box each month full of tinctures, incenses, teas, and more. The idea really resonated with us – we’re lucky to have some amazing CSA‘s in Austin, and the idea of them... Read The Rest →

Between the Sea and The Stars

We’re not sure why we’re so late in posting about this — but November of last year we got married! And of course, a wedding of a graphic designer means that there were many things to design, and while we have already posted them in our portfolio, we realized that we hadn’t yet mentioned them here on the blog as well. It was a small wedding on the coast with friends, super no-frills, and it was exactly what we wanted. Next to the sea, inspired by the stars, perfect. Love! Our... Read The Rest →

In Soviet Russia, Vodka Infuses You

Over the past Holiday season, we made the decision to make most our gifts for people ourselves, as we believe that there isn’t a better gift than something handmade and from the heart. And what better way to show your love than with vodka, no? We had done vodka infusions a few times before – but without much information on the web on how to do it – we kind of winged it and figured it out as we went. But with this last batch, we really feel like we’ve... Read The Rest →

The Hand That Rocks The Ladle

This Sunday is our 2nd annual soup competition (last year’s) — and we just completed the 1st and 2nd place prizes for the winners. They are glorious and obnoxious all at once, this is just a preview, but we’ll be posting pictures from the night and of them in all of their glory after the event is completed. If you live in Austin and want to enter or just come to eat a lot of great soup, heres the facebook event page! If last year was any indication, this year’s is... Read The Rest →

A Trip to The Woods with Tamera and Sean

While I have never designed wedding invitations before and was somewhat intimidated by the prospect — insomuch that it is something so special and significant towards what can be the biggest day of someone’s life — I was incredibly flattered to help Tamera with the invitations for her wedding this past October. Once hearing her concept for them, with individual gifts for the guests and a story woven throughout, I got even more excited, and the final results with everything put together are so beautiful that I just feel lucky to have... Read The Rest →

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