Every Day Things / Instagramming Inspiration

It’s been far too long since we’ve done an Every Day Things post, so I thought I’d do a little round up of some of the design inspiration we’ve been capturing around Austin and via instagram lately. We love keeping an eye out for little bits of typography and flashes of design out in the world that inspire the projects that we’re working on or even just make us think about design and the way it’s used differently. Follow us on Instagram for more — we’ve been on a roll lately!... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / It’s Radiant

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an everyday thing that’s inspired us – so the other day when we were taking stock of our video projection equipment and noticed these lovely labels, we decided it was high time for a post. Here at Recspec we delight in the ordinary and the beautifully mundane — and for the times where things had good design just purely by existing when they did. Below are the labels and some details from two compact projection screens we have, the Radiant and the Da-Lite... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / Abrasive Cord

Every Day Things are our (semi) regular posts featuring little items we find and are struck by the design of. In an old tool box of Dave’s Grandmother’s, we found this “Abrasive Cord” spool – I love the cool green (a color you just don’t see used all that much any more), and the sparse, but well thought out typography. Perfect quotation marks, double lines, and just the right amount of thought makes it classic and inspiring. I especially love the circular top design with the No. 50 split by... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / Firework Love

Happy 2012, everyone! We followed our yearly tradition and stocked up over the holidays on fireworks for the rest of the year (or at least until the 4th of July!). One of the main things I love about fireworks are the classic packages, the weird typography and illustrations, and the bright colored cardboard sleeves. Here’s a few of our favorites from the last batch, part of our collection of the inspiring designs of Every Day Things. The design of this one isn’t that cool (haha, get it?), but my goodness... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / East Texas Edition

During a recent trip to East Texas and Dave’s family farm, we spent a good time rummaging through dust and beautiful old tools in his Grandfather’s shed. Everything was as it seems it has been for ages, distressed and peeling labels, tiny jars of every kind of screw and bolt imaginable. And of course, some wonderful old labels and design. Here are a few of our favourites. Especially love the 3-in-1 logo. Simplicity at its best. I didn’t know this, but the above is used to mark lines for cutting... Read The Rest →

Every Day Things / 4 Food Colors

Here at Recspec H.Q., we’re always finding ourselves being drawn to the most common and everyday things, that have nice packaging, lovely type, strange colours, or are otherwise interesting and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve decided to document these little Every Day Things here on our blog, to share with you. New and old (but often old) tiny things that inspire us throughout our day. First, something as simple and mundane as food coloring packaging. We love the bold and simple illustrations, the primary colors, and just the general feel of this... Read The Rest →

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