Listen To The Night: Nicolas Jaar’s BBC Essential Mix

As is often the case with graphic designers, some nights you find yourself burning the midnight oil, feverishly working on projects, almost super-human in your ability to produce some of your best work in the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe thats just us? Regardless – I’m nothing without my main source of fuel: music. So I’ve started a little segment on this blog to feature the tunes that keep me going late at night, that push me through to daylight and keep me inspired and excited as the... Read The Rest →

Must Be The Season

Happy halloween to all of you creeping creepers out there. It IS the season for spookiness, and we’ve got just the soundtrack for your All Hallow’s Eve – Season of The Witch Volume One. Mixed (and designed, naturally) by Recspec, featuring all of our favorite deep, dark songs. The physical copies are sold out, but you can download the mix in its entirety by clicking the download link below. Tracklist follows. We hope you enjoy the sounds and stay tuned for the second volume, which has been a long time... Read The Rest →

Temporary Romance

Happy Valentines day to all of you lovers and haters-of-love out there. Here’s a special little mix we made a couple of years ago just for this occasion, aptly called “The Mouth is for to Fuck”. Clicky clicky the lovely ladies below to download the mix, and printable PDF valentines we made just for you. Any man or lady or plant or animal will be sure to swoon: Also, this Saturday (February 18th) at Cheer Up Charlie’s, we’ll be teaming up with Leisure Tourniquet for a special post-valentines day variety show of... Read The Rest →

Recommended Listening: Prince Klassen’s music for Cloudplum

Our friend Prince Klassen recently transfered his self to NYC from Austin, and we feel that his move is reflected in this lovely fall mix. Seems like the perfect thing to bundle up and walk the cold concrete of a big city to. It’ll definitely keep you warm. Download. Tracklisting: James Blake – Tell Her Safe Twin Bicycles – #1 Manual – Velvet Sunset Wilco – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart White Birch – Seer Believer Daedelus – Playing Parties Fog – Not Every Goddamn Thing You Do... Read The Rest →

Recommended Listening: Take Me Away – Mixed by The Cosmic Orphan

As part of our monthly nights at Rio Rita, we also have a podcast representative of the style of music and theme specific to each month. This month we are lucky enough to have The Cosmic Orphan as a guest DJ, playing on the night and crafting the podcast. It is really a stunning, perfect mix, and very very recommended listening. You can stream below or download the mix here. It’s nearly transcendental. Trust us. Download here. More mixes from KK&TB on Podomatic Tracklisting: 1. (sss intro) 2. james blake – i... Read The Rest →

Download: Season of The Witch

Today is Dia de los Muertos, the day of our dead. To celebrate, and commemorate, here is our spooky first mix, Season of The Witch, now available to download for free, for the first time ever. Click the image to go to the download page, with a full tracklisting and more information. We’re also releasing this now because we are working on the second Season of The Witch now. And if you feel a spirit(s) circling around you, its best to not resist and just let it take over. And... Read The Rest →

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